Updated to November 25, 2020

If you are a marketing agency that has many clients requesting search engine optimization or PPC, but don’t know how to help them, or perhaps don’t have the experience to get the results they want, you should consider joining our Code Native SEO Reseller Program.

Through our program, you can earn additional revenue from your SEO network or turn it into a completely different business. The program is now open to everyone, as long as you can meet our strict requirements.

What sets our affiliate program apart from others is the structure. Usually, affiliate programs pay a commission: for every successful referral you make, you receive a one-time commission. In our program, you will receive a percentage of the total business generated by your referral each month. This means that you will receive continuous payments even after the referral has been delivered. There is no limit to the money you earn – the more business you bring in, the more money you have available.

Referring new customers to us is easy. Once established, you will be provided with an affiliate link. When you recommend Code Native to a potential customer, you can send them this link, which contains a tracker that identifies you as the referrer when they register with us. The procedure is easy, payments are constant and all you need is your SEO network to get started.

Another thing that makes our referral program different is that we provide you with the ability to easily track your referrals. We offer a referral tracker, where you can see the status of your referrals, updates on your campaigns, how much you have earned and how much you have been paid. This information is updated every time you make a successful referral, and when referred customers place new orders with us. You can also choose to receive monthly reports that summarize your referrals and earnings for each month.

You can also take advantage of a dedicated affiliate manager if you need assistance. They are available full time to answer any questions you may have about our program.

Becoming a referral agent is easy. Simply contact us for a free account and we’ll get you started.

We are excited to provide you with ways to grow your business and maximize your profits from our services from day one. Don’t forget to check out our latest offers and updates on the SEO industry!

We offer different SEO reseller programs to better meet your needs. If you don’t have your own SEO team, you can still promote and sell SEO by taking advantage of our SEO reseller packages. You get the clients, then you place the order and we take care of the rest. You can sell SEO packages with your brand or simply pass the client on to us. We will take care of the clients with our marketing and SEO team.

Code Native has also prepared a number of incentives directly to help you boost your sales efforts. Discounts on purchases of services are available, as well as the ability to purchase services in bulk at discounted rates to offer your clients. Whatever works best for you; we just want to create the perfect partnership that will grow us both